Our founder of De’Fahcyi Unique Occasion as been dedicated since 2005 when she first started her business. As a child she always enjoy helping out with events in her neighborhood and people always complemented her on the great job she did. Even in her 20’s she  was just doing this just to help out a family or friend. She was told constantly how amazing she was in what she do and she should take this up professionally.

Since then she has educated herself on how to become better and continues improve in what she love doing best. She is currently a member of The Association of Bridal Consultant as a professional planner, a Sandals Specialist that books destination weddings, business meetings, BFF getaway, family vacations etc… She has done several events from weddings, bridal and baby showers, graduations and birthday parties etc… Her aim is to satisfy her customers so they can have a stress free event. 

” I truly love and enjoy what I do. There are so many couples and clients that are stressed out over their wedding, anniversary, sweet sixteen or any type event planning. I want to help release that stress! I get the chills from just making an event comes to reality.”

This has always been her dream! As a team, we work together ensuring that our customers receive the best satisfaction in making your event come to life on that special day. From every smallest detail, whether it is the proper lighting on your arrangements to the simplest setting of your napkins, she will sit with you and help you set it off.